With constitutional standards in mind, Wexford Health will serve the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) with professionalism, integrity, and accountability, ensuring the safe and humane treatment of those incarcerated in Alabama prisons.

Here are 9 REASONS Wexford Health was the best choice to be ADOC’s partner for progress:

FOCUS: Health care is all we do.

STABILITY: Wexford Health is the only major correctional health care company led and operated by the same majority partners since we entered the industry in 1992.  We are also the only privately held concern among major correctional health care companies, which enables us to prioritize our clients and our patients rather than the financial goals of shareholders or investment firms.

EXPERTISE: Since our inception, Wexford Health has been led by an optimal blend of corrections and free-world health care experts.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Over our many years of providing prison health programs, Wexford Health has developed an infrastructure that is not only more robust, but also more adaptable than those of competing correctional health care companies.

FLEXIBILITY: We balance our deep resources and strong infrastructure with flexibility and complete responsiveness to client needs. We do not force correctional facilities to implement “cookie cutter” programs that might not suit their unique situations.

HONOR AND INTEGRITY: Wexford Health’s business model is to be up front and transparent with our clients. We do not believe any business entity can achieve a true and equitable partnership any other way.

WORK ETHIC AND PARTNERSHIP: Our business philosophy is to get the job done. We may not have chosen to invest our resources in elaborate branding and marketing campaigns…but Wexford Health works hard, produces results, and honors our commitments to our clients.

INNOVATION: Wexford Health has the proven ability to drive program change.

SUBSTANCE OVER STYLE: The latest trend in correctional health care seems to be to re-brand basic correctional medical concepts with showy names and sell them to clients at overinflated prices. This is a matter of style, whereas Wexford Health has always provided substance.

We will partner with area providers, such as hospitals, clinics, medical specialists, laboratories, and other specialized services, to ensure the most effective and economically efficient services available.

We also have specialized expertise and programs that can help ADOC meet its challenges.

LOW LITIGATION RATE: Over the past ten years, Wexford Health has maintained a nationwide average of only 1.4 lawsuits filed per 1,000 offenders—well below the national correctional average of 10.43 per 1,000 offenders .

COMPLIANCE WITH LEGAL DIRECTIVES: On several occasions, Wexford Health has taken over contracts already under judicial decrees that preceded our arrival.  These include an Offer of Judgment that governed operation of Close Management facilities for the Florida DOC; an ACLU consent decree that mandated medical and mental health treatment requirements at certain Mississippi DOC institutions; and the  settlement agreements  that mandated medical and mental health treatment requirements at the Maryland state prison system’s intake facility.  In all cases, Wexford Health partnered with its our clients to successfully comply with and/or lift these legal directives.

SUBSTANCE USE TREATMENT: Wexford Health is expert in the management of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment programs.  Our experience includes partnering with the Indiana DOC to enhance the state’s Addiction Recovery Services for inmates; and implementing a Vivitrol pilot program for end-of-sentence substance abusing inmates in the West Virginia DOC, to help them with their alcohol/opioid addiction after they are released.

340B PHARMACY DISCOUNT PROGRAMS: Wexford Health has broad practical experience in planning, implementing, and administering federal 340B pharmacy discount programs for correctional clients.  We have set up and/or are currently participating in 340B programs for the state prison systems in Illinois, Mississippi, and West Virginia, resulting in seven-figure savings for our clients.

ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS: Few correctional health care providers can claim Wexford Health’s depth of resources and experience with regard to electronic health records (EHRs).  We have addressed a wide variety of situations, including fixing other vendors’ EHRs that were broken due to poorly executed implementations; starting from ground zero and conducting an entire implementation from selection to daily systems management; and consulting with independent entities to assist them with selecting the right EHR for their environment.

RESTORATION TO COMPETENCY PROGRAM: Wexford Health’s Restoration to Competency program provides restoration rates as high as 80%. The correctional facility-based program currently saves clients more than 60% of the cost of an inpatient psychiatric admission. The program has won multiple awards, including the 2014 National Sheriffs’ Association Corrections/Jail Innovation of the Year Award, the 2014 American Correctional Association Innovation in Corrections Award, and the 2011 national Courthouse Award from the National Association of Counties. In addition, the program has been profiled by several national publications for prison and jail management professionals, including Corrections Forum and Sheriff magazines.

MEDICAID ENROLLMENT: Wexford Health has extensive experience with identifying and/or enrolling eligible inmates into health insurance programs, including in the states of Maryland, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  The company currently processes between 150 and 200 Medicaid applications per month.  Wexford Health’s internal team of Medicaid specialists apply their expertise to research, develop, establish, manage, and report on enrollment and claiming programs that help clients control costs by leveraging the terms of the Affordable Care Act and other state-level legislation pertaining to health care coverage.