Wexford Health has a track record of 100% success in obtaining industry accreditation for its clients. We have even re-attained accreditation for clients after a previous health care vendor failed to pass required audits.

We maintain a full-time Comprehensive Quality Improvement (CQI) department comprised of CCHPs (Certified Correctional Healthcare Professionals), CPHQs (Certified Professionals in Healthcare Quality), and other quality auditors who monitor and objectively evaluate the quality and appropriateness of the patient care we deliver.

Our process is designed to identify, assess, and resolve issues that impact the delivery of health care services, thereby continually improving patient care. Wexford Health’s CQI program includes, but is not limited to, regular physician reviews of inmate health records to confirm the quality and appropriateness of treatment procedures; peer review; mortality review; process and outcome studies; an annual review of our health care policies and procedures; and an annual review of the effectiveness of our overall program.

Wexford Health’s CQI program strives to continually enhance our inmate health care systems, processes, and patient outcomes. As a result of our 25+ years of experience in delivering correctional health care services, Wexford Health brings the ADOC a wealth of experience and knowledge in the concept of quality assurance. Ultimately, this benefits not only the ADOC, but also inmates, staff, and supporting taxpayers through improved health care and controlled costs.

Wexford Health has developed a series of data-based quality measurement tools. We use these tools to demonstrate our effectiveness in meeting quality objectives, as well as to identify areas in need of improvement and/or corrective action.

  • Audit reports summarizing the operational effectiveness of our clinical and administrative processes
  • Backlog reports that assess proper staffing ratios, productivity, and procedural effectiveness for our chronic and acute care programs
  • Grievance reports that compile the number of inmate medical, dental, and mental health complaints
  • Key financial measures that serve not only as a traditional basis of performance analysis, but also as a secondary source for identifying operational effectiveness
  • Corrective Action Plans that determine the potential cause or actual cause of problems and prevent their occurrence or recurrence

Wexford Health has also developed and implemented a site-level “Scorecard” initiative. The “Scorecard” review is a quarterly audit of key performance indicators, conducted internally and based on nationally accepted industry standards from the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.

The audit covers major clinical functions and provides a valid indicator of the effective provision of quality care.

The Scorecard initiative results in a snapshot of each site’s compliance with appropriate standards and contract requirements. This provides Wexford Health with a clear indication of how our personnel are performing at the particular location.

The “Scorecard” also focuses attention on areas that need improvement, allowing site-level and corporate quality improvement staff to concentrate resources where needed.

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