Throughout our 26-year history, Wexford Health has been known as an innovator in correctional health care. Here are just a few of the innovative programs we will make available to the ADOC,  free of charge.

Our telehealth program uses the latest technology to provide remote locations with quality medical services.  Wexford Health is the recognized industry leader in using telehealth to control security and transportation costs, ensure public safety, and expedite inmate access to specialty care. By using in-house tele-provider experts in multiple specialty areas as well as external strategic partners, the company currently completes (on average) 2,000 to 3,000 telehealth encounters per month.

Wexford Health maintains a comprehensive internal data warehouse that pools a wide variety of inmate health care demographics, including offsite care, diagnostic, and pharmacy utilization and outcomes.  We maintain an internal panel of experts to dissect and analyze this data for the benefit of our clients and patients.  Through data mining, we can uncover patterns in these vast data stores and use the information to build predictive models.  Data mining will become a valuable tool for the ADOC in its budgeting and reporting efforts.

Wexford Health brings critical medical knowledge to the point of care for the benefit of clinicians and patients alike.  Through our exclusive relationship with the VisualDx software company, we combine the best medical images in the world with a unique and powerful search engine to help site-level physicians diagnose and treat patient conditions.  VisualDx improves diagnostic accuracy by enabling providers to recognize conditions and to make fast, informed decisions at the point of care.

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