Wexford Health currently provides comprehensive health care services to more than 107,000 inmates and other residents at more than 110 facilities across the United States.

We have the necessary medical, mental health, operational and technical skills to assist the ADOC in obtaining its primary objective—to deliver constitutionally adequate health care services and to promote positive clinical outcomes of its inmates, regardless of place of assignment or disciplinary status.

Established in 1992, Wexford Health possesses decades of experience in providing health care programs for corrections departments and/or human services agencies. We exist for the sole purpose of providing health care services for correctional institutions and we have done so for more than a dozen states, as well as for jail clients across the country.

Most of our contracts involve the provision of medical, mental health, dental, and pharmaceutical services. Other related health care products and services that we have provided include vision care, chemical dependency treatment, sex offender treatment, telehealth, electronic health records, utilization management, third party administration (claims processing), and provider network development.

TO LEARN MORE about the specific ways we’ve helped state correction officials, visit our success stories page.