Cost Control

Holding down the cost of correctional health care is important to every prison system and to the taxpayers who fund them.

Our focus on cost savings begins when we first assume responsibility for inmate health care within a given state. From Day One, we work to limit deployment costs, operational disruptions, or staff displacements and interruptions in patient care.

But cutting costs does not mean we cut corners. Wexford Health does not sacrifice quality in order to save money. Instead, we develop programs that control costs while maintaining our quality of patient care and customer service.

Our nationwide presence creates economies of scale and cost savings in many areas, including pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and ancillary services.  Wexford Health passes these savings on to our clients.

We partner with leading US managed care networks—including BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama and MultiPlan, one of the nation’s largest Preferred Provider Organizations—to obtain the best discounts across the widest variety of providers for our client agencies.

Our utilization management and claims processing programs ensure that patients receive the right care, in the right facility, for the right length of time, at the right price. Together, these programs have saved our clients literally millions of dollars while maintaining positive patient outcomes.

Our telehealth program also generates substantial savings for clients. Based on the latest 50,000+ sessions Wexford Health has conducted, a telehealth encounter saves the correctional agency in excess of $700 in transportation, security, and meal costs.

We also have particular expertise in managing high-cost, complex patients.  Our multidisciplinary care model optimizes the quality and value of our case management activities—especially for those patients with multiple medical problems that result in high utilization and increased expenses.  We use support staff to free up clinicians so they can concentrate on specialized medical tasks.  We also maintain a full array of educational and medical resources to deliver lifestyle, disease, and risk reduction interventions to entire correctional populations.

Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s health needs through communication and available resources to promote quality cost-effective outcomes.

— Case Management Society of America

TO LEARN MORE about the specific ways we’ve helped state correction officials meet their cost control goals, visit our Success Stories page.